6. Natural leather

Aquila Fashions uses natural leather.

A simple way to understand natural leather is in comparison with fake leather. Natural leather is made using animal hide and fake leather is made using polymers. Moving on, below is a more in-depth explanation of natural leather.

“Natural leather” in itself is an oxymoron. The purpose of this post is to assist customers to better understand how the term “natural leather” comes to being, despite leather being the result of an “unnatural” industrial process called tanning.

We break the tanning process into two broad categories:

  1. tanning using natural ingredients such as tree bark, and
  2. tanning using chemicals such as chromium sulfate

The former results in natural leather, in so far as the tanning ingredients are organic.

Chemically processed leather is a recent invention to cater to mass market needs. On the other hand, the leather associated with luxury items are usually naturally tanned, a process long invented, yet the finished product so beautiful that it withstands the progress of time.

Written by Keching

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