Compilation: leather laptop cum document holders with zippers

Product description

Aquila Fashions leather document holder cum laptop cases with zipper sport minimalist designs, employing minimal components and stitches. This accentuates the qualities of our leather in their full glory.

Our pride: the prototype

We thank Ms Cheryl for requesting a leather laptop case tailored to her laptop on Valentines’ Day in 2007, at the National University of Singapore. Ever since then we have added laptop cases to our list of prized leather products. Her unconstrained use of her Aquila case over a year and a half has yielded beautiful impressions on the leather. After a round of refurbishing, Cheryl’s laptop sleeve is still in use today as prime marketing material for Aquila Fashions. Click here to see Cheryl’s laptop case.

Dimensions for all leather A4/laptop cases:

Tailored to customers’ requirements.

Expanded collection:

Our collection of A4 leather folders has expanded considerably! This is due to our customers’ willingness to explore ideas that include a mix and match of elements such as handles, strap fasteners, choice of colours, landscape or portrait orientation etc. As such, in order to maintain the cleanliness and ease of use of this blog, we have shifted updates on our latest A4 folders to See ya’ll there!

Warmest regards,

The Broadway Leather team


1. Camel brown colour

The camel brown colour leather laptop case is made of cow-hide, not camel-hide! The camel brown colour of this leather laptop case ages beautifully with use. The leather darkens and inevitably sustains scratches which but enhances the beauty of this brown leather laptop case.
leather folio singapore

2. Dark brown colour

leather folio singapore

3. Oxblood colour

leather folio singapore

4. Glossy red

Sporting a glossy red surface, the Aquila maroon leather laptop case is perfect as a dual function corporate/professional leather laptop case and document folder. Picture appears white due to glossy surface.

leather folio singapore

5. The checker

Our finest leather holds the weaves in the Aquila checker leather laptop case sturdily, while the rest of the sleeve is assembled in proportions aimed to flaunt marks of nature. Last, feel free to request other colour combinations!

leather folio singapore

leather folio singapore

To purchase

Arrange an appointment

Please inquire / arrange an appointment for viewing with Keching via:

  • his email at, or
  • his mobile at +65 96637673
  • his leather workshop / leather factory in Singapore


  • We provide free postage in Singapore for all purchases.
  • We ship internationally. Shipping costs apply.
  • Manufactured in limited numbers.

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