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Broadway Leather Company is a manufacturer of buckles and bags hardware outside of Hong Kong & China.

We offer the following hardware solutions:

  1. design oriented jewellery buckles
  2. ready stock of evergreen hardware for:
    • single item purchases by retail customers
    • small quantity purchases by small businesses
  3. custom design with low MOQ, (logo design, technical drawings, 3D printed sample, final product)

1. Jewellery buckles

custom belt buckles singapore
Design in the form of initials
custom made belt buckles singapore
Design in ethnic characters or spelling

2. Retail customers & small business owners

Please tap on photos to browse our catalogues of ready stock.

solid brass buckles manufacturers
Solid brass hardware
made in italy belt buckle
Made in Italy hardware
replacement spring money clip
General belts, bags & wallets hardware

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3. Custom design hardware

Broadway Leather Company tailors solutions based on customers’ requirements of quantity and finishing.

Customers requiring this service of ours mainly include:

  • fashion brands and designers
  • uniformed organisations

Please tap on photos to view details:

Uniform buckles in form of corporate logo

Uniform buckles in shape of customer’s corporate logo
Uniform buckles complete with belts
solid brass buckles manufacturers
Buckle for fashion brand AQUILA

Visit AQUILA here.

From sample to end product

From left: customer’s sample, 3D printed confirmation, end product in gold plated gloss finish
Low cost outlay in event customer does not have a working sample. Technical drawings and a 3D sample will be provided.

Featuring an independent designer’s logo.

Finished samples for customers to choose from

Dual colour in a single hardware
Another choice of finishing for customer

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