Hand dyed, hand stitched green customized leather document bag

Newly made for a customer who rides around Singapore in his scooter and his scooter helmet. This leather document carrier is, therefore, the latest accessory to be added to his outfit and is to be hung on the handlebars. It can’t be too big as it would kill the overall look and hence is tailored to A4 size plus a little in order that files and folders can go into it.


leather folio singapore


The inside of it is the exposed inner grains of the cow/buffalo hide. Option of lining the inside with goat skin in order to cover up the furry inner grains is available.


leather folio singapore


Now for some work in progress photos!

leather tote bag singapore


Just cutting and dyeing two pieces of leather like these takes time. Handles for the tote bag.

customized tote bag singapore


The third rectangle piece of leather hung up to dry after dyeing. Guess we’re all set!

customised tote bag singapore


The rectangle pieces of leather are no more. Handles have been preformed and stitched up. The ends have been shaped. The main body of the tote bag have been preformed too. But still, we need the white ribbon to keep the handle in its U-shape. Next, nopes, not time for assembling yet.

leather tote bag singapore


Our Aquila Fashions logo stud is fixed onto the bag and our customer’s name Patrick is embossed around it.

customized tote bag singapore


All is in order. What remains are the sides waiting to be stitched.

customised tote bag singapore


For more customized bags like this, please visit Broadway Leather’s bags-dedicated blog at bagsbyaquila.wordpress.com.

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