AQUILA A4 leather folder compendium

Product description

Writing in style and the cool factor aside, some customers of ours take immense pride in their work, complete with beautiful handwriting and meticulous organization, to a point that plastic folders simply won’t do. Hence, our customers turn to our Aquila A4 compendiums to protect their documents. One of them was even purchased as a gift to a friend, to hold the friend’s marriage certificate. The collection of A4 leather folders and compendiums below are some examples of actual customer perferences which include colour choice, choice of strap fasteners, the types of compartments required such as name card and foolscap compartments etc. We look forward to tailoring your A4 leather folder to your needs.


  • size. For ease of decision, dimensions for A4 documents are standard and no size changes are required. That said, feel free to specify the dimensions required for your personal needs.
  • colour
  • compartments
  • with or without strap fasteners
  • other customizations

Expanded collection:

Our collection of leather A4/laptop holders has expanded considerably! This is due to our customers’ willingness to explore ideas that include a mix and match of elements such as handles, strap fasteners, choice of colours, landscape or portrait orientation etc. As such, in order to maintain the cleanliness and ease of use of this blog, we have shifted updates on our latest A4 folders to See ya’ll there!

Warmest regards,

The Broadway Leather team

1. Red colour with strap fastener

leather folio singapore

leather folio singapore

2. Oxblood without strap fastener

leather folio singapore

To purchase

Arrange an appointment

Please inquire / arrange an appointment for viewing via:

  •, or
  • call or whatsapp +65 96637673
  • leather factory in Singapore


  • We provide free postage in Singapore for all purchases.
  • We ship internationally. Shipping costs apply.
  • Manufactured in limited numbers.

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