3D printed sample before mold production

Broadway Leather Co. was commissioned to make the uniform belts and crossbelts for The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore.

Boss for the ammunition pouch

We were provided a die stamped metal boss around which all the metal accessories were made.

custom metal badges singapore

3D printed sample made for confirmation of the design and sizes, before actual production begins.

Final die cast boss attached onto the ammunition pouches.

Line up of the bosses for the pouches.

Leather uniform belts

The same circular boss in buckle form for the students’ belts

Modified boss for the crossbelt strap

Modified boss with a black twin clip attached to the back.

The back with black twin clips. The black back clip blends in with the leather crossbelt at the front.

Originally it was completely gold. But was changed to black subsequently. Mirror finish not just at the front of the accessory but at the back too.

Preceding the finished custom metal badges was the 3D printed sample.

Another 3D printed sample for the same project.

Revision after revision. Settled on the black matte plating eventually.

Final product

With all the custom metal badges and accessories fixed onto the cross shoulder belt and ammunition pouch, this is the complete product.

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Custom leather stamp

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