Wedding favours: wedding photo holder that guests can use as personal clutch

Our customer wanted to present their guests with wedding favours that are practical even after the banquet, and pouches that hold photos of the couple fulfill precisely that function.

personalised wedding gifts singapore

We had to be careful with the use of our crazy horse series leather as usual, ensuring that we have enough of it, which sometimes run out of stock, to fulfill the quantity our customers require.

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As a standalone item, the pouches we made are really just regular pouches. However, when put together with our customers’ painstakingly curated wedding photos, our pouches add a touch of class to them, turning our customers’ imagination into reality.

wedding favours wholesale singapore

from elsewhere: our chief designer’s site

Non diamond engagement rings

Some more work in progress photos. We can’t emphasise how glad we are to be part of our customers’ wedding preparation.

premium wedding favours singapore

In the process, some scraps were produced as well. Customers feel free to look us up to the buy leather scraps that were generated from this project.

premium wedding favours singapore

Please do not hesitate to contact Broadway Leather directly to customise your premium wedding favours and door gifts at manufacturer wholesainitiative

Eco friendly initiative

Update 190106:

Customer opted not to wrap their pouches in plastic wraps for their latest purchase. (Compare with photo at the top.)

We thank them for helping to reduce the amount of plastic thrash that would have otherwise been generated.

No unnecessary plastic wrappers used.

eco friendly gifts singapore

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