Custom uniform belts with buckle in shape of aviation coy’s company logo

Assorted length uniform belts displayed with five buckles customized to aviation company’s logo.

Buckles fixed onto the belts.

Punching holes at the buckle end for the buckle pin to slip into.

The buckles close up in detail.

Customer’s buckles are all protected with the brown paper (below). Instead of using brand new wrapping paper or wrapping plastic, we at Broadway Leather Co. go out of the way to use these brand new brown paper, albeit folded and slightly tattered, to wrap products mailed out to retail customers under our retail brands.

It is not difficult to understand that our packaging methods go contrary to conventional branding strategies, for example using beautiful heavy paper boxes and wrappers complete with logos etc. However, we believe that our commitment towards environmental sustainability is the branding itself. Please see Broadway Leather’s vision here.

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