Leather handle pulls for wardrobes, cabinets & drawers

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“Pulls” and “handles” are often used interchangeably in the market.

To assist customers:

  • a pull is held onto by a finger & thumb
  • a handle allows for the hand and all five fingers to grab

In general, pulls are for light weight doors such as chipboard carpentry, while handles should be used for wardrobe doors and heavy drawers.

The following are some examples that we have crafted for contractors and retail customers.

Leather handles for wardrobe

Photo contributed by Keching, one of our partner designers.

Drawer stub pulls for departmental store display

leather handle pulls
Debossed with corporate logo GA.

The less conventional drawer pull that uses stubs for gripping with the index finger and thumb, instead of a loop for a finger to enter and pull.

Home > handles, wall mount straps & accessories > current page

Veg tanned leather pulls & shelf suspension

leather handle pulls
leather pull handles

Leather pulls for wardrobe

A carpenter had ordered these vegetable tanned leather drawer pulls in tan colour. Each pull was to be looped in half so that the holes on each end meets. They will then be installed, with one nail each, onto their respective wardrobe doors.

leather drawer pulls singapore
leather drawer pulls singapore
leather drawer handles singapore
Work in progress

As a rule of thumb, pulls of this particular characteristic is suitable from light weight chipboard wardrobe doors to half body length solid wood cabinet doors.

Leather handles for cabinet doors & drawers

leather handle singapore

Reinforced handles for pulling heavy wardrobe, cabinet doors and filled up drawers.

Instead of a thick single layer saddle hide leather, these handles are reinforced with three layers of leather and stitched together for strength and heavy duty use.

Home > handles, wall mount straps & accessories > current page

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