Upholstery leather in full grain leather, finished split or pvc

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Broadway Leather Company provides upholstery leather for architecture/renovation scale surface wrapping, furniture and car seats.

They are typically massive sheets in:

  • full grain leather
  • finished split
  • PVC rolls

Please feel free to enquire with us.

Architect’s white leather feature wall

An architect ordered 4 sheets of white full grain upholstery leather for the purpose of wrapping a large panel of wall.

upholstery leather singapore
White full grain leather

The full hide spans two 6 feet tables and bigger.

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upholstery leather singapore

From each sheet, the architect intended to cut 1.5m x 0.5m down the center along the spine where they are the longest uninterrupted stretch.

upholstery leather singapore
Broad width of the upholstery leather.

Thereafter, all 4 panels of 1.5m x 0.5m will be stitched together to form a single massive sheet for adhering to the wall.

Sofa re-upholstery

These 4 sheets of finished split leather were ordered by an interior designer to re-upholster a client’s sofa set in order that it matches the newly renovated home.

upholstery leather singapore
4 sheets of white finished split shortlisted for delivery.
white upholstery leather
Grains on finished split look almost identical to full grain leather.

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