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Organisations trust Broadway Leather Company because when we speak of genuine leather, we refer to the actual animal skin itself. Quality and durability are guaranteed.


Professional or student uniformed organisations requiring basic leather uniform accessories need not reinvent the wheel as we have the following templates.

Please tap on photos to view details:

Boys’ Brigade in Singapore & Malaysia

Cross belts & ammunition pouches

leather military ammunition pouch
Leather cross belts and ammunition pouches manufactured for a Boys’ Brigade company in Malaysia.
custom metal crests
Cross belts with custom metal emblems (boss) and hardware for The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore

Uniform belts & buckles bearing organisation emblem

leather uniform belts
Leather uniform belts for The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore with custom designed buckles
uniform supplier singapore
Boys’ Brigade officer buckles (top) & seniors’ program buckles (bottom)
customised uniform belt buckle
Uniform belt buckle customised in shape of aviation engineering company’s logo

Home > current page

Work in progress

leather belts for uniform groups
Cutting the leather during manufacturing process
uniform supplier singapore
Uniform belts ready to have the buckles attached

Home > current page

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