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Broadway Leather Company offers a full suite of the following upholstery services:

  • replacing only the leather, pvc or fabric, i.e. reupholstering
  • reupholstering and replacing underlying padding and foam
  • overhaul including rebuilding underlying wood frame

Home > singapore carpentry & renovation > current page


Diaper changing station

diaper changing station singapore

Upholstering, for a hospital, the diaper changing stations over the carpentry work that were completed.

diaper changing station singapore

Complex armchair frames

furniture upholstery services singapore

The original wood frames were reused while the cushion & padding, and leather were replaced.

chair upholstery singapore
Two different colours

Our corporate client chose two different colours of fabric/leather for their new look to fit the interior design of their premises.

Luxury watch display stand

singapore upholstery service
Display bed of luxury watch display stand.

Sofa, chairs and bench reupholstery at our factory are a dime a dozen. This project was a first of its kind for a designer.

singapore upholstery service
Preparation work.

Perhaps the work is more appropriately termed woodworks and leathercraft due to its size. However, the nature of work done is exactly the same as customising seat cushions with wooden frame support, i.e. wood cutting, foam wrapping and leather covering.

Above are the beautiful end products when attached to white and black marble blocks.

Irregularly shaped furniture

We accept irregular and odd shaped upholstery jobs such as this ottoman seating.

upholstery service singapore

Antique dining chairs

A new lease of life was given to this set of antique chairs when the seat cushion was reupholstered.


Full grain leather wrapped drawers, cabinet & wardrobe doors

Broadway Leather Company also specialise in wrapping drawers, cabinets and wardrobe doors with full grain leather, in contrast to leather lookalike laminate.

leather wardrobe doors

Photo is of two separate projects in one, featuring dark brown full grain leather handle pull and front panel of drawer finished with tan full grain pull up leather.

Home > singapore carpentry & renovation > current page

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