Leather stuffings & fillings for punching bags

Home > complete leather catalogue > leather offcuts & scraps singapore > current page Broadway Leather Company generates leather waste in the form of offcuts and scraps from its manufacture of leather products and custom furniture/upholstery services. Yet the actual amount of these leather we actually bin is kept to the absolute minimal. These end... Continue Reading →

Carpentry and custom furniture Singapore

Home > singapore carpentry & renovation > current page We are specialists in full grain leather. Highlights Custom prayer kneeler We were approached by Ming Sing Construction to customise a prayer kneeler with specific dimensions. This is so that it may be tucked away neatly under their client's altar. Cushion is wrapped with full grain... Continue Reading →

Custom heavy duty wooden platform dollies

We customise wooden flatbed trolleys to specific sizes required for various purposes such as: transportation of cargostorage solutions Examples Trolley with a groove for transporting tables. Two trolleys with grooves. Dollies for a HiFi business for ease of reorganisation as and when required. Carpeted trolleys Carpeted trolleys

Leather craft services

Home > current page Broadway Leather Company provides the following leather craft services. Please tap on photos to view details. Leather splitting service Wallet components that were split. Hydraulic cutting press service Steel rule cutting die Octagon coasters punched out using our hydraulic press. Massive turntable mats punched out with our press machine. Home >... Continue Reading →

Wholesale leather goods

Home > current page Broadway Leather Company manufactures general full grain leather goods for a wide range of purposes such as: corporate giftswedding favoursrestaurantsuniformsb2b to retail businesses Please tap on photos below to view details. Corporate branding Feel free to send us your artwork for branding of your gift and event items. Wholesale conference folders... Continue Reading →

Wholesale craft leather

Home > current page Full grain leather for crafting The following is our collection of full grain craft leather. Please click on the photos to view the colours available for each series. Natural milled Saffiano Pebbled grain Buffalo vegetable tanned Suede Crocodile pattern Ostrich pattern Crazyhorse (oil leather) Home > current page

Home > singapore carpentry & renovation > current page Latest project on Instagram @broadwayleather https://www.instagram.com/p/COwRvxgg_On/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Broadway Leather Company offers a full suite of the following upholstery services: replacing only the leather, pvc or fabric, i.e. reupholsteringreupholstering and replacing underlying padding and foamoverhaul including rebuilding underlying wood frame Home > singapore carpentry & renovation > current... Continue Reading →

Custom steel rule die punches for leather

Broadway Leather custom makes steel rule cutting dies for customers worldwide with a focus in South East Asia. In IG https://www.instagram.com/p/CJYNGIFAhUf/?igshid=1e5b5fvsndyvd It is a quintessential equipment for serious leather craftsmen who require complex templates and precision cutting, beyond "hand made". Blades are imported from Germany and are resistant to warping under high heat from repeated... Continue Reading →

Leather straps for wall mounted shelves

Home > handles, suspension straps & accessories > current page We provide full grain leather straps for wall mounted shelves to: main contractors and interior designers as part of subcontractor servicesretail customers for diy projects Solid wood, plywood or chipboard It is important to note that the weight of the wood is an important factor... Continue Reading →

Leather pouch to protect diamond bullion institution’s sterling silver case

Sample made for a diamond bullion institution backed by our state institutional investor. Our AQUILA leather pouch will protect the metal cases, made wholly of sterling silver, which holds the oversized diamonds. Corporate gifts Please see our corporate gifts portfolio here. Intermediate phase support for small businesses and personal branding Custom logo brass stamp. Please... Continue Reading →

Custom brass leather stamp

Special highlight Introducing custom brass maker's mark In support of the burgeoning pool of local designers and hobbyists, Broadway Leather makes personal and business branding accessible by offering custom milled brass logo stamps, end to end label production, and other intermediate stage services. Gold foil printing with our stamp https://www.instagram.com/p/CSDnyFbBl3q/?utm_medium=copy_link Shout out to Hocks -... Continue Reading →

10% discount off leather hide purchase!

Redeem 10% discount off your raw leather purchase by: (1) FOLLOW Broadway Leather Company instagram account (5% discount) (2) SCREENSHOT & REPOST our header photo above (3) COPY & PASTE the following caption exactly in full (5% discount): <quote> @broadwayleather follow & repost 10% discount promotion off raw leather hide! (1) FOLLOW our IG @broadwayleather... Continue Reading →

Custom solid brass buckles manufacturer

Home > leather goods hardware manufacturer > brass buckles manufacturer Broadway Leather Company is a leading solid brass buckle manufacturer located outside of China. We have been in business since the 1940's. With the rise of the "support local" movement globally, there is a surge of independent fashion designers seeking to build their fashion brands,... Continue Reading →

Manufacturer of leather uniform gear & accessories

Home > current page Organisations trust Broadway Leather Company because when we speak of genuine leather, we refer to the actual animal skin itself. Quality and durability are guaranteed. Portfolio Professional or student uniformed organisations requiring basic leather uniform accessories need not reinvent the wheel as we have the following templates. Please tap on photos... Continue Reading →

Hydraulic cutting press service for leather

There is an increase in the influx of diy hobbyists and micro scale brands and businesses, such as Singapore homegrown shoe makers, into the leather industry. As such, Broadway Leather Co. is offering intermediate stage leather die cutting services for a variety of purposes such as shoe soles cutting, wallets, watch straps etc. Die cutting... Continue Reading →

Boys’ Brigade uniform supplier: leather uniform gear, accessories & belts

Home > uniform gear, accessories & belts > current page The Boys' Brigade in Singapore & in Malaysia The following are the leather uniform belts, cross belts & ammunition pouches we have manufactured and supplied to The Boys' Brigade in Singapore and Boys' Brigade company in Malaysia. Singapore Cross belt, ammo pouch & custom emblem... Continue Reading →

Within 10 days. Urgently completed for a main organising vendor of an Adobe event

Home > leather corporate gifts > current page These high value A4 carriers were ordered for top executives of Adobe, to carry the itineraries and plans for the event. The custom leather stamp and resultant logo debossment. We used vegetable tanned buffalo leather for the carriers. It has beautiful grains and is so robust that... Continue Reading →

Upholstery leather and fabric Singapore

Home > singapore carpentry & renovation > current page Broadway Leather Company provides for large architecture/renovation scale surface wrapping, furniture and car seats upholstery with the following materials: full grain leatherPVC rollsfabric Please feel free to enquire with us or drop by our factory for browsing. Highlights Architect's white leather feature wall White full grain... Continue Reading →

Leather pen case corporate gifts

Standard black 1pc-2pcs: $25.00ea 3pcs-5pcs: $22.50ea 5pcs-50pcs: $20.00ea 60pcs-150pcs: $18.00ea 160pcs-300pcs: $15.00ea 310pcs onwards: please inquire Assorted colours (at our craftsmen's discretion) Please see example below. 1pc-2pcs: $22.50ea 3pcs-5pcs: $20.00ea 5pcs-50pcs: $18.00ea 60pcs-150pcs: $16.00ea 160pcs-300pcs: $13.00ea 310pcs onwards: please inquire Assorted colours (customer's choice) To be quoted on case by case basis and depends on... Continue Reading →

Leather cheque book holder with corporate logo

Leather cheque book holder made for a customer. Featuring a holder made with our black saffiano leather for a single cheque book. Customers can choose to have cover made for two cheque books, one on each side. Saffiano leather Featuring our holder made of black vegetable tanned leather. Black vegetable tanned leather Two chequebooks, one... Continue Reading →

Personalised leather drink coasters with embossment; wedding favours

An events company approached us to customize personalized leather wedding favours for their client. Our job was to cut these octagonal leather coasters in nude colour vegetable tanned leather, and then deboss the words Keep It Chill on them. The empty space below is for the soon-to-be wedded couple to DIY, to deboss their guests... Continue Reading →

Made in Italy belt buckles & accessories

Home > leather goods hardware singapore > made in Italy leather goods hardware We welcome wholesale and retail requests. 40mm antique silver colour buckle made in Italy. Develops patina and seasons in the same rugged manner as brass buckles, just in the white colour version. A truly unique ingenuity by the Italians. 40mm antique silver... Continue Reading →

Leather key holder

Standard black 1pc-30pcs: $5.50ea 40pcs-90pcs: $5.00ea 100pcs: $4.50ea 500pcs: $2.50ea Assorted colours (at our craftsmen's discretion) 1pc-30pcs: $5.00ea 40pcs-90pcs: $4.50ea 100pcs: $4.00ea 500pcs: $2.50ea Assorted colours (customer's choice) To be quoted on case by case basis and depends on colour availability. Logo Company logo can be embossed on leather key holders. Black saffiano Copper tan... Continue Reading →

Leather splitting service for handicraft & upholstery

Home > leather craft services > current page We provide leather splitting service for: leather craftsmensofa upholstery contractors Maximum allowable width of leather to be split is 8cm. Support for upholstery contractors Splitting of button leather wraps. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-LaB0Yj4Bs/?igshid=acoxsqdzjhy Support for leather crafters Wallet components that underwent splitting. The thickness before and after splitting. Home >... Continue Reading →

Spring money clip bar replacement

We welcome purchase requests for individual pieces to replace customers' missing or broken spring money clip bars. Brass colour money clip bar, available in 8.5cm. Nickel colour money clip bar, available in 8.5cm and 7.5cm. Other diy leather craft supplies Please see our catalogue of leather craft supplies such as solid brass buckles, metal end... Continue Reading →

Metal belt tips and loops manufacturer

Home > leather goods hardware manufacturer > belt tips & loops manufacturer 30mm gold colour metal belt tip and loop set 30mm brass colour metal belt tip and loop set 30mm nickel colour metal belt tip and loop set To customize Please feel free to inquire about manufacturing specific designs of buckles, bags accessories, badges... Continue Reading →

Leather handle pulls for wardrobes, cabinets & drawers

Home > handles, wall mount straps & accessories > current page "Pulls" and "handles" are often used interchangeably in the market. To assist customers: a pull is held onto by a finger & thumba handle allows for the hand and all five fingers to grab In general, pulls are for light weight doors such as... Continue Reading →

Leather cable clips

Standard black 1pc-30pcs: $5.50ea 40pcs-90pcs: $5.00ea 100pcs: $4.50ea 500pcs: $2.50ea Assorted colours (at our craftsmen's discretion) 1pc-30pcs: $5.00ea 40pcs-90pcs: $4.50ea 100pcs: $4.00ea 500pcs: $2.50ea Assorted colours (customer's choice) To be quoted on case by case basis and depends on colour availability. Logo Company logo can be embossed on leather cable holders. Camel brown colour Yellow... Continue Reading →

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