Grandstand, turf city 2019.1.18-20

C N Y shopping @ the Grandstand, turf city 2019.1.18-20 11 - 8pm 1st time. Plenty of eateries Free parking. Drop by for your CNY shopping Our recent projects Laptop sleeve customized to customer's laptop sizes. Please tap on photo to see more. Custom leather wallets with initials. Please tap on photo to see more.

Star Vista 2018.11.19-25

Roadshow at star vista. 12-8 pm Level 1 Early Christmas shopping. Come n enjoy. Christmas gifts! Christmas is round the corner! Come on over and purchase gifts for your family and friends at wholesale prices! Keyholders from $5.50 downwards! Cable clips from $5.50 downwards! Please view all other wholesale products here!

Kinex 2018.9.29-30

Kinex, (KM-1) 2018.9.29-30 12-8pm First time, indoors atrium New shopping centre, former Lion City Hotel Come n join in the fun Some products on sale Laptop sleeves, key holders, pen pouches and many more! Please see our catalogue of small items here! DIY For diy enthusiasts, we offer scrap leather for sale (only directly at... Continue Reading →

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