Made in Italy belt buckles & accessories

We welcome wholesale and retail requests. 40mm antique silver colour buckle made in Italy. Develops patina and seasons in the same rugged manner as brass buckles, just in the white colour version. A truly unique ingenuity by the Italians. 40mm antique silver colour buckle. Center bar buckle. 40mm antique brass colour buckle. 40mm antique brass... Continue Reading →

Men’s custom jewelry

Our men’s jewelry collection of buckles, lapel pins and cufflinks is expanding! As our main site and wordpress blog can no longer place sufficient focus on our jewels, we have branched out and are showcasing them at instead! In the mean time, do continue to have your personal accessory or men’s jewel gift customized with us!

Customized belt buckle

Keching's personal dark purple belt and custom made buckle! Precious metal used: 925 silver. Design fully customizable. Properties: Scratches can be polished away, ie entire custom buckle is a solid precious metal and not just precious metal plated. View our portfolio of customized solid silver buckles here!   And more! View our portfolio of customized... Continue Reading →

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