Why does my belt peel and crack so easily?

Home > what is full grain leather > current page Not full grain leather Your belt peels and crack easily simply because your belt is not made of full grain leather. In layman terms it means that your belt is not made of real leather. Will a $20,000 branded leather bag peel? The thought experiment... Continue Reading →

1. Understanding the animal skin

A few basic terms: Epidermis: the outermost layer of skin. It is smooth. Full-grain leather: leather complete with epidermis. It is smooth on the epidermis side and rough on the underside. For a detailed description please read “Full-grain leather“. Split: the underside leather that remains after the epidermis is removed. It is rough. The relationship... Continue Reading →

2. Full-grain leather

Aquila Fashions uses full-grain leather. “Full-grain leather” is a technical term. The purpose of this post is to assist customers to better understand full-grain leather as being the best type of leather. “Full” refers to the intact natural state of the animal hide. Animal hide with minimal defects is used to process this full-grain leather.... Continue Reading →

3. Identifying leather

Bringing up a supposed piece of leather product to the nose for a whiff would be the most instinctive action for many. The problem with this method is that the sense of smell is subjective, hence there is no concrete basis upon which to determine whether a particular scent is that of leather or not.... Continue Reading →

4. Use of the “Genuine leather” label

Genuine leather can be likened to a tough sponge. It is porous and springy. To hot-stamp “Genuine leather” onto leather is to compress those words into it, except that leather does not spring back into its original form like sponge does. Hence it is a good test for identifying leather. Compare the following simple scenarios:... Continue Reading →

5. What full-grain leather means to most people

Nothing. “Full-grain leather” means nothing to most people as the term is highly technical. Leather on the other hand means much more, understood as a material that is durable and associated with luxury products. Simply knowing what full-grain leather is indicates that the customer is well-versed. Therefore, the purpose of this post is to focus on... Continue Reading →

6. Natural leather

Aquila Fashions uses natural leather. A simple way to understand natural leather is in comparison with fake leather. Natural leather is made using animal hide and fake leather is made using polymers. Moving on, below is a more in-depth explanation of natural leather. “Natural leather” in itself is an oxymoron. The purpose of this post... Continue Reading →

7. Durability of leather

Raw leather is extremely durable, with full-grain leather being the most durable since the animal hide’s epidermis is intact. However, the more important question is the durability of the leather product on a whole. It is broken into two aspects: Functional durability Aesthetic durability A worn out leather belt strap best explains the two aspects... Continue Reading →

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