Vintage Australian copper oxidised buckle set

Copper oxidised buckle setVintage Australian with kangaroo insignia Model : Aros 4644/3030mmBuckle with 2 loopsPlating : 2 tone black nickel/copper oxidised Belt crafter delightDifferent,UniqueRare A two tone copper oxidised buckle immerse in black nickel Buckle set Courtesy of Broadway Leather Co IG Site :

Wholesale craft leather

Home > current page Full grain leather for crafting The following is our collection of full grain craft leather. Please click on the photos to view the colours available for each series. Natural milled Saffiano Pebbled grain Buffalo vegetable tanned Suede Crocodile pattern Ostrich pattern Crazyhorse (oil leather) Home > current page

Custom solid brass buckles manufacturer

Broadway Leather Company is a leading solid brass buckle manufacturer located outside of China. We have been in business since the 1940's. With the rise of the "support local" movement globally, there is a surge of independent fashion designers seeking to build their fashion brands one way of which is to fashion their labels' buckles... Continue Reading →

Made in Italy belt buckles & accessories

We welcome wholesale and retail requests. 40mm antique silver colour buckle made in Italy. Develops patina and seasons in the same rugged manner as brass buckles, just in the white colour version. A truly unique ingenuity by the Italians. 40mm antique silver colour buckle. Center bar buckle. 40mm antique brass colour buckle. 40mm antique brass... Continue Reading →

Spring money clip bar replacement

We welcome purchase requests for individual pieces to replace customers' missing or broken spring money clip bars. Brass colour money clip bar, available in 8.5cm. Nickel colour money clip bar, available in 8.5cm and 7.5cm. Other diy leather craft supplies Please see our catalogue of leather craft supplies such as solid brass buckles, metal end... Continue Reading →

Metal belt tips and loops manufacturer

30mm gold colour metal belt tip and loop set 30mm brass colour metal belt tip and loop set 30mm nickel colour metal belt tip and loop set To customize Please feel free to inquire about manufacturing specific designs of buckles, bags accessories, badges and other metal accessories/hardware. Please see expected process here.

3D printed sample before mold production

Broadway Leather Co. was commissioned to make the uniform belts and crossbelts for The Boys' Brigade in Singapore. Boss for the ammunition pouch We were provided a die stamped metal boss around which all the metal accessories were made. 3D printed sample made for confirmation of the design and sizes, before actual production begins. Final... Continue Reading →

Buckles, wallets & bags hardware manufacturer

Home > current page Broadway Leather Company is a manufacturer of buckles and bags hardware outside of Hong Kong & China. We offer the following hardware solutions: design oriented jewellery bucklesready stock of evergreen hardware for:single item purchases by retail customerssmall quantity purchases by small businessescustom design with low MOQ, (logo design, technical drawings, 3D... Continue Reading →

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