Thank you Blended Concept for the write up on Broadway Leather Co.’s sustainability efforts

Blended Concept helps customers repurpose excess quartz, cut out to give way to the sink and hob during house renovations, into coffee and bedside tables. Here is their write up on how Broadway Leather Co. reuses paper used to wrap belt buckles, instead of throwing them away.

Leather curtain catalogue handles

Second shipment of a partial delivery. Catalogue maker ordered these catalogue handles for curtain catalogues which are extremely heavy. PVC/PU handles simply do not have the strength to withstand all that weight. Furthermore, these leather handles will season beautifully with use, developing patina.

Leather straps for wall hanging flower vases

  We make quite a bit of leather strap handles/pulls for diy customers and furniture makers. Leather straps for hanging wall flower vases areĀ a first though. Basically a slip version of furniture handles, also with a hole on each end. Customer chose the natural veg tan buffalo leather which will darken and develop patina over... Continue Reading →

Heavy strapon

5 thick n heavy duty strapons. 2 for the wrists, 2 for the ankles, 1 for the body. Making sure u r well strap to the mock electric chair. Like given a shock? Students graduating project n stage play. Herr herr herr

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