Fabric scraps wholesale

Broadway Leather has partnered with a custom furniture contractor to offer our customers fabric scraps on top of our full leather scraps. Our partner has excess fabric stock that are of superior quality and have intricate designs because they customize furnishings for businesses that have the budget to indent these fabrics. Otherwise, for most DIY... Continue Reading →

Sorting out the tiny pieces of scrap leather for sale

Don't underestimate these small pieces of raw leather. For $5, those into DIY are saving hundreds of dollars making their own watch straps. Plus they get variety too. For customers looking to make bigger leather items like laptop sleeves and travelers notebook covers, we also have sizes suitable for those projects: Our catalogue of full... Continue Reading →

Where to buy leather in Singapore?

That rectangle is where the last dark brown zipper leather laptop bag for a 14" laptop came from. The rest of the leather is up for sale as scrap till we have to use it for another order like a small custom leather book cover etc. Leather featured above is our crazy horse leather. This... Continue Reading →

Pile of scrap leather supply for sale

6 Aug 2018: Latest pile of black leather scraps after manufacturing 20 certificate holders for a customer. 4 Feb 2017: This pile of scrap leather supply has piled up, and some nice colours too(!), and continues to do so. For sale to diy leather craft enthusiasts! Buy only what you need, mix and match colours... Continue Reading →

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