Wholesale leather goods

Home > current page Broadway Leather Company manufactures general full grain leather goods for a wide range of purposes such as: corporate giftswedding favoursrestaurantsuniformsb2b to retail businesses Please tap on photos below to view details. Corporate branding Feel free to send us your artwork for branding of your gift and event items. Wholesale conference folders... Continue Reading →

Custom solid brass buckles manufacturer

Home > leather goods hardware manufacturer > brass buckles manufacturer Broadway Leather Company is a leading solid brass buckle manufacturer located outside of China. We have been in business since the 1940's. With the rise of the "support local" movement globally, there is a surge of independent fashion designers seeking to build their fashion brands,... Continue Reading →

Manufacturer of leather uniform gear & accessories

Home > current page Organisations trust Broadway Leather Company because when we speak of genuine leather, we refer to the actual animal skin itself. Quality and durability are guaranteed. Portfolio Professional or student uniformed organisations requiring basic leather uniform accessories need not reinvent the wheel as we have the following templates. Please tap on photos... Continue Reading →

Boys’ Brigade uniform supplier: leather uniform gear, accessories & belts

Home > uniform gear, accessories & belts > current page The Boys' Brigade in Singapore & in Malaysia The following are the leather uniform belts, cross belts & ammunition pouches we have manufactured and supplied to The Boys' Brigade in Singapore and Boys' Brigade company in Malaysia. Singapore Cross belt, ammo pouch & custom emblem... Continue Reading →

Made in Italy belt buckles & accessories

Home > leather goods hardware singapore > made in Italy leather goods hardware We welcome wholesale and retail requests. 40mm antique silver colour buckle made in Italy. Develops patina and seasons in the same rugged manner as brass buckles, just in the white colour version. A truly unique ingenuity by the Italians. 40mm antique silver... Continue Reading →

Custom uniform belts with buckle in shape of aviation coy’s company logo

Assorted length uniform belts displayed with five buckles customized to aviation company's logo. Buckles fixed onto the belts. Punching holes at the buckle end for the buckle pin to slip into. The buckles close up in detail. Customer's buckles are all protected with the brown paper (below). Instead of using brand new wrapping paper or... Continue Reading →

3D printed sample before mold production

Broadway Leather Co. was commissioned to make the uniform belts and crossbelts for The Boys' Brigade in Singapore. Boss for the ammunition pouch We were provided a die stamped metal boss around which all the metal accessories were made. 3D printed sample made for confirmation of the design and sizes, before actual production begins. Final... Continue Reading →

Thank you Blended Concept for the write up on Broadway Leather Co.’s sustainability efforts

Blended Concept helps customers repurpose excess quartz, cut out to give way to the sink and hob during house renovations, into coffee and bedside tables. Here is their write up on how Broadway Leather Co. reuses paper used to wrap belt buckles, instead of throwing them away.

Buckles, wallets & bags hardware manufacturer

Home > leather goods hardware manufacturer Introduction Broadway Leather Company is a manufacturer of buckles and bags hardware outside of Hong Kong & China. Categories Please tap on banners to begin: Shout out to Hocks-Alcis Broadway Leather Company IG Please follow us if you like what we do! https://www.instagram.com/broadwayleather/ Past exciting projects More! design oriented... Continue Reading →

Customized belt buckle

Keching's personal dark purple belt and custom made buckle! Precious metal used: 925 silver. Design fully customizable. Properties: Scratches can be polished away, ie entire custom buckle is a solid precious metal and not just precious metal plated. View our portfolio of customized solid silver buckles here!   And more! View our portfolio of customized... Continue Reading →

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