Leather craft services

Home > current page Broadway Leather Company provides the following leather craft services. Please tap on photos to view details. Leather splitting service Wallet components that were split. Hydraulic cutting press service Steel rule cutting die Octagon coasters punched out using our hydraulic press. Massive turntable mats punched out with our press machine. Home >... Continue Reading →

Wholesale craft leather

Home > current page Full grain leather for crafting The following is our collection of full grain craft leather. Please click on the photos to view the colours available for each series. Natural milled Saffiano Pebbled grain Buffalo vegetable tanned Suede Crocodile pattern Ostrich pattern Crazyhorse (oil leather) Home > current page

Leather straps for wall mounted shelves

Home > handles, suspension straps & accessories > current page We provide full grain leather straps for wall mounted shelves to: main contractors and interior designers as part of subcontractor servicesretail customers for diy projects Solid wood, plywood or chipboard It is important to note that the weight of the wood is an important factor... Continue Reading →

Custom brass leather stamp

Special highlight Introducing custom brass maker's mark In support of the burgeoning pool of local designers and hobbyists, Broadway Leather makes personal and business branding accessible by offering custom milled brass logo stamps, end to end label production, and other intermediate stage services. Gold foil printing with our stamp https://www.instagram.com/p/CSDnyFbBl3q/?utm_medium=copy_link Shout out to Hocks -... Continue Reading →

Upholstery leather and fabric Singapore

Home > singapore carpentry & renovation > current page Broadway Leather Company provides for large architecture/renovation scale surface wrapping, furniture and car seats upholstery with the following materials: full grain leatherPVC rollsfabric Please feel free to enquire with us or drop by our factory for browsing. Highlights Architect's white leather feature wall White full grain... Continue Reading →

Leather splitting service for handicraft & upholstery

Home > leather craft services > current page We provide leather splitting service for: leather craftsmensofa upholstery contractors Maximum allowable width of leather to be split is 8cm. Support for upholstery contractors Splitting of button leather wraps. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-LaB0Yj4Bs/?igshid=acoxsqdzjhy Support for leather crafters Wallet components that underwent splitting. The thickness before and after splitting. Home >... Continue Reading →

Leather handle pulls for wardrobes, cabinets & drawers

Home > handles, wall mount straps & accessories > current page "Pulls" and "handles" are often used interchangeably in the market. To assist customers: a pull is held onto by a finger & thumba handle allows for the hand and all five fingers to grab In general, pulls are for light weight doors such as... Continue Reading →

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